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MARESTI Alfonso – Teatro Geneologico Et Istorico Delle Antiche & Illustri Famiglie Di Ferrara – 1678 / 1681

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MARESTI Alfonso – Teatro geneologico et istorico delle antiche, & illustri famiglie di Ferrara del Conte, e Cavaliere Alfonso Maresti ferrarese. Tomo primo. All’Eminentissimo, e Reverendissimo Principe il Sig. Cardinale Sigismondo Chigi. / Tomo secondo. All’Altezza Serenissima di Francesco II Duca di Modona, Reggio etc. – 1678 / 1681. In Ferrara, nella Stampa Camerale. Coeval rustic marbled cardboards with handwritten titles on a label applied to the spine; quarto, 34.5 cm (32.5 cm the second volume, a little shorter at the upper margin); pp. (2b) (4) 264 (2b), (2b) (16) 226 (6) (2b); both bindings with traces of use (that of the second volume quite loose), some rare internal blooms but overall very fresh and rustling papers, pages 75-78 of the second volume detached and with the upper internal corner completely torn (but present, without hence loss of text), on the other hand good copy. Both title pages – framed in double fillet like all the text – in red and black with the Chigi coat of arms woodcut in the first volume and typographic mark in the second (also present at the end of tome I), headings, initials and endings in woodcut, each family bears the own coat of arms in woodcut; in the first volume 11 full-page woodcut plates (“Perspective of the Tower of Ricobello” pag. 41, “Brief sketch of the Island that was called Fero d’Alieno, overo Ferrara, which is nowadays the Friar”, pag. 70, ” Compendious prospectus of the island, which was called Vico-Abenza, and later Ferrariola, where today is Voghenza “page 72,” Ristretto del Prospetto, as Ferrarola was found, ò Ferrara Traspadana the year 698. when at 15. August the People passed the Po “page 94,” Compendious drawing as the city of Ferrara was found to be the year 768. after the death of Giovanni Secondo Bendedei “page 98,” Drawing as the city of Ferrara was found year 839, after the Death of Bendedio II de Bendedei “page 107,” Palazzo Regio, which in the year 1101. it was later destroyed by Countess Matilda for contempt of Ferraresi “page 111”, funerary monument of Alessandro Bendedei in San Paolo page 116, Embellishment of the city of Ferrara page 119, “Drawing of Ferrara as it was left by Timothy II” page 126, ” Drawing of Ferrara as it was left by Timoteo III “pag. 127) plus various family trees; to the second tome beautiful family coat of arms of the Este family in woodcut at the verso of the title page, 4 full-page woodcut plates (“In this way the city of Ferrara was destroyed by the army of the Duchess Matilda d’Este” pag. 50, “Drawing or prospectus of the city of Ferrara, which shows that after being destroyed & c. It was rebuilt by his fellow citizens in six years in the way you see “page 52,” Drawing ò Prospectus of the place called Ferrata, overo Frata, in front of the esplanade and other surrounding places “Page 60,” Statue of Duke Hercules “page 152) and various family trees. First and only original edition of this important treatise by Alfonso Maresti (the two original volumes of Alfonso are proposed here, the third – published in 1708 – was compiled by his son Francesco); unfinished work, due to his death. In addition to the countless historical and genealogical information contained in the two volumes, the iconographic apparatus composed of numerous woodcut plates representing some monuments but above all views of Ferrara in various periods of its history, from the early Middle Ages up to pre-Renaissance.