TERENCE – Comoediae – 1526




TERENCE – Pub. Terentii Afri Comoediae in sua metra restitutae. Interp[re]tantibus Aelio Donato gra[m]matico, Guidone Iuuenale Cenomano, Io[hanne] Calphurnio, nec no[n] & Seruio, Iodocoq[ue] Badio Asce[n]sio, cu[m] figuris aptissimis multisq[ue] in locis adiu[n]ctis dictionibus Graecis q[uae] deera[n]t. Necnon & ornatissimus index tam vocabulorum q[uam] adagiorum quae digna annotatu visa sunt, nouerit impressae – 1526. Impressum Tusculani  apud Benacum in edibus Alexandri Paganini. Full rigid vellum with handwritten titles on the spine; octavo, 22.1 cm; leaves (10) CCLXXXVII; missing last leave with register (available in facsimile on request), modern endpapers, some halo, some browned leaves and some woodworm path that does not damage the text (except for a few letters of the editorial glosses, in 6 central leaves). Nice title page in geometric frame, text in the center with comment on two columns on the sides, ornate drop caps, 5 beautiful full-page woodcut plates. Rare edition of Terenzio’s comedies printed in Toscolano Maderno, on Garda lake, by Alessandro Paganini, part of a large family of Typographers also active in Venice. Ex libris Renzo and Mirella Comastri on the last page of the initial index